Rachel Osterbach

Advocate, Role Model, & Motivational Speaker

Rachel is an inspirational and motivational speaker who has Down Syndrome. She enjoys using her experience to be an advocate and role model for all people – showing that you can achieve your dreams if you set your mind to them, work hard, and believe in yourself!

Speaking Engagements

Rachel delivers a powerful message that connects with her audience.

Personal Appearances

Rachel’s enthusiasm & energy are impactful additions to any event.

She is a Natural!

Rachel has appeared as an honored guest speaker for various organizations throughout the United States, and she has given interviews in print, radio, and television. She is passionate about speaking to individuals, sharing her story and empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams!

Spread the Word
to End the Word

Rachel is also an advocate for eliminating the use of the “R” word. Having once been affected by being called the word herself, Rachel informs individuals on the negative and harsh effects of using this word.

Born This Way

Rachel is currently a principal cast member on the Emmy Award winning A&E docuseries “Born This Way,” which has completed its fourth season. “Born This Way” follows the lives of eight individuals who have Down Syndrome as they strive to achieve their hopes and dreams.


Stay Tuned for a 2019 Holiday Special!

Rachel presenting at the 2017 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, along with her castmate John Tucker. That night they became the first individuals with an intellectual disability to present at a major awards ceremony.

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