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Rachel is deeply committed to the complete elimination of the “R” word and is actively involved with Special Olympics International in their campaign to achieve this. She has had personal experience with how the “R” word can affect people, and is a passionate advocate for this important cause.


Being gainfully employed is an important factor in the self-esteem of people with intellectual disabilities. Rachel has been working at an insurance company for over 12 years, and can share her experiences about how she began, what she does at her job, and what it means to her in her daily life.


Rachel is glad to share her experiences as a cast member of this Emmy winning show – how she got on the show, what it is like filming the show, and the impact it has had on her life.


Rachel’s passionate belief is that any individual with an intellectual disability, with hard work,
determination, and support can do whatever he or she sets their mind to doing. This is a powerful message that is an integral part of her presentation.

I love sharing my life with people – how I have arrived at where I am at today, and what I hope to accomplish in the future. Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak to your group, wherever you may be located – I love to travel! In the meantime, thank you for visiting my website, and thank you for reaching out to me.

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